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SeattleWorks Branding and Website Redesign

Project type

Individual project





Visual system

Responsive web


8 weeks


Client introduction

Seattle Works is an online network for volunteer and leadership opportunities. By engaing volunteers at all ages and from all professions, Seattle Works fulfills its mission to connect volunteers, develop leaders and build communities.

Current experience

The website is one of the major channel for people to find volunteer and leadership opportunities and events. However, the current website has some issues that make it difficult to convey a clear message of what the organization serves to do. Some major issues were:


  • Lack of content hierarchy

  • Confusing registration flow for events

  • Outdated visual design



After identifying their mission statement and goals, I rebranded their website by designing a cohesive visual system to help the organization to apply a clear and modern style across platforms.

As a demonstration of “mobile first” design principle, I especially redesigned the responsive mobile web for volunteer events searching and registration, aiming to help visitor find the opportunities to their interests and make the registration flow more smooth.

Logo design

After exploring 3 concepts, I decided to choose #1 because of the visual harmony with the heart and hands, as well as the resonating symbolism behind the elements.

Concept #1: combination of heart and hands

Concept #2: four-leaf clover with hearts

Concept #3: abstract map with Seattle highlight

Brand book

After deciding on the logo direction, I elaborated on the design and derived a color palette and typography base on the look and feel of the brand. 

Application of visual system

Home page with intro and search

Search results page displaying events in chronological order

Event detail page

Date selection

Enrollment confirmation 

Home page in desktop web

About page in desktop web

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