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Filtering System for

Facebook Business Suite (FBS)

Project type

End-to-end product design project for Facebook Ads and Business Platform

My role

Project Champion

Design intern

Target users

Small and medium businesses



Competitive analysis

Stakeholder interview


High-fidelity prototype


FBS has been rolled out globally 🎉


12 weeks

(June 2020 - Sept 2020)




Facebook Business Suite (FBS) is a single place across mobile and desktop for businesses to access the tools they need to thrive across Facebook and Instagram. Currently, Business Suite includes tools like posting, messaging, insights and advertising capabilities, improving the experience of managing a business across our apps.

As one of the import tools on FBS, Business Insights aims to provide users with a holistic view of their marketing performance across all Facebook apps.


Project scope

As part of my internship project, I designed a filtering system for Business Insights (for both web and mobile) to help business users easily find and select available filters and better view the metrics based on their needs.The goal is to build a efficient filtering experience for small and medium business (SMB) users, as well as keep the filtering experience consistent across all Facebook Ads and Business Platform.


To define user needs and understand different user mental models, I referred to all filtering related research within Facebook and did a competitive analysis on products with complex filtering system; To ensure the project go smoothly, I communicated frequently with stakeholders and cross-functional partners, and aligned with the Design System team on defining the component; To craft the design solutions, I went to design critique every week and actively asked for feedbacks from designer inside and outside of our team to iterate my design.

Here is the general process with 3 major stages: think, explore and build.


Success metrics

Engagement rate

How many users use the new filtering solution on Biz Insights?​


Retention rate

How many users will keep using the filters after the first and second month of feature launching?


Overall satisfaction rate in Product Quality Assessment (PQA)

How satisfied are people with the new filtering solutions when they perform certain tasks during PQA?


Overall satisfaction rate in usability testing

How satisfied are business users with the new filtering solutions?


Learn to navigate the project with limited research and embrace ambiguity

In an ideal world, when we start putting together the design brief and sketching design solutions, we have abundant research and data insights directly related to our project to leverage. However, some projects might have a smaller scope and due to the strict timeline and research team bandwidth, we probably won't have research reports or resources directly related to our project. We can do our own research such as competitive analysis, dogfooding, flow analysis, and then list Jobs-to-be-done (JTBDs) and validate them with stakeholders. 

Cross-functional collaboration is the key to move the project forward

Communicating frequently (yes over communication is appreciated 😁) with your cross-function team members can help us gather more context and insights in the project problem space, and having regular syncs with them is the key step to achieve alignments, especially if we want to tackle problems on a system level.

*This project is under NDA 🤫, so I cannot disclose more details, but feel free to contact me if you are interested in what I've done at Facebook!

Designed by Phyllis Liu in 2020. All rights reserved.

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